Yes, we make delicious bean to bar chocolate, but in the process, we also make our very popular Cacao (cocoa) tea.  After we gently roast our cocoa beans to a precise and light finish, we winnow them and reserve the husks (or skin) from the beans for use as a tea.  The tea is low in caffeine, but still has magnesium, antioxidants and theobromine.  It’s a light chocolate infusion and is very good unsweetened, or with your favorite sweetener of choice.

24 Servings Per Bag (one serving in 2 teaspoons per mug)

How to Prepare:  Bring water to a boil and steep tea for 3 minutes before removing from water.  Cacao husks retain a lot of flavor, so you may optionally re-steep the husks again in a new batch of water to double your volume.

We make it in a French Press, but you can also use a tea egg (or any instrument designed for loose leaf tea) for single servings.